Thu, 05/01/2014
Technical Release

Communication: safety

INTRODUCTION: Many loggers keep emergency contact and location information on-site for easy access by employees. Sam Lincoln, Lincoln AgriSource Logging in Vermont, has taken this concept a step further to provide emergency responders with information that will help them locate injured workers more quickly.

Fig. 1: Logging sign with EMS box.

OPERATION: Lincoln always has a sign up at his logging sites. He recently attached a mailbox to the sign with reflective Emergency Medical Service emblem/stickers on each side. Inside the box is a laminated list that includes emergency contacts for all workers, forester’s contact information, location of fire extinguishers and first aid kits in any machinery on the site, and the location of the nearest landline phone (in case of no cell signal). He also includes a laminated map of the job with main skid roads and their lengths marked. He e-mails the head of the local EMS Squad each time the operation moves and lets her know details about their location and other specific site information in the event they need to respond to the operation.

Fig. 2: Operations map showing roads and skid trials.

He put this together after he had a close call, getting pinched while bucking logs on the landing in the middle of a large woodlot on a dead end road with no workers at the job that day. His cell phone was in the loader on the charger. He was able to free himself quickly but laid on the ground a long time thinking about all the “what if’s”. The experience changed the way he thinks about how he might be better prepared for an accident, particularly for jobs in remote locations unfamiliar to first responders.

SPECIFICATIONS AND COST: The only cost was the mailbox attached to a job site sign already posted.

Fig. 3: Lincoln AgriSource Logging makes this information easily accessible to EMS
personnel in a mailbox by the sign identifying any logging site, as well as by e-mail to the
head of the local EMS squad.


CONCLUSION: Providing job site information to emergency first responders increases the ease and speed with which they can provide care in the event of an emergency.

Sam Lincoln
Lincoln Farm
Randolph Center, Vermont

Reviewed by:
Joel Swanton
Northeast Region Manager