V. Safety For Woods Equipment Operations


Logging operations have progressed from manual felling and loading and the use of light tractors for skidding to highly mechanized harvesting operations using cable and grapple rubber tired skidders, various types of felling and bunching machines, delimbing units, hydraulic knuckleboom loaders, bulldozers, and other units of heavy equipment. Each type of equipment is a key part of the timber production process. The equipment units are expensive, tough, highly productive, efficient machines. Each unit must be maintained in order to obtain maximum efficiency and production. A well trained, responsible operator not only can make the difference in quality, quantity, and safety of production; but also can significantly affect the profit or loss of any operation.

Professional logging equipment operators are in control of their machines. All aspects of operation, maintenance, loss prevention, and safety are incorporated into every phase of their duties. This section provides guidelines for safe work practices, fire prevention, proper preventive maintenance, and safe operations. These guidelines are helpful hints for woods equipment operators and logging contractors. These guidelines are not substitutes for proper training, experience, and common sense. The general guidelines pertain to all equipment units while the individual machine sections may point out other specific guidelines.