Wed, 01/14/2009
Technical Release

Roads: gates/closures


INTRODUCTION: Woods road gates sometimes have a tendency to close, partially or fully, when left unattended, which creates a safety hazard for automobile and ATV traffic. To prevent accidents associated with opened woods road gates, Weyerhaeuser Company’s Arkansas/Oklahoma Timberlands personnel retrofitted gates with chains and reflective tape.

Fig. 1: Gate before being secured with chain.

Fig. 2: Chain with D-ring attached to clevis grab hook.

Fig. 3: Secured gate.

Fig. 4: Reflective tape improves visibility.

GENERAL FEATURES: A D-ring attached to a heavy duty chain was welded to the swinging gate near the gate post. A clevis grab hook was welded to the gate post. Reflective tape was placed along the gate to enhance visibility.

APPLICATION: The chain attached to the swinging gate by the D-ring is hooked on the clevis to ensure that the gate remains open. The chain is unhooked from the clevis to allow the gate to close. Reflective tape is intended to improve the gate’s visibility to decrease the chances of an automobile or ATV from colliding with it.

Diana Korenak
Weyerhaeuser Company
13972 Hwy 278 West
Dierks, Arkansas 71833

Reviewed by:
Jason Cutshall
Southcentral Region Manager