INTRODUCTION:  The Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Alive video is a new 12-minute video produced by the North Carolina Forestry Association, which uses it as a part of its ProLogger training program.  The video addresses safety exposures for ground workers on logging decks and reviews three different actual logging deck accidents.

NCFA started its ProLogger training and education program in 1994, following a disastrous series of thirteen fatalities among the logging workforce in North Carolina.  Since the ProLogger program’s inception, NCFA and Forestry Mutual Insurance Company have led a cooperative effort involving numerous state agencies and private companies through NCFA’s Safety, Logging, and Transportation Committee.


Jack Swanner, NCFA’s Director of Logging and Transportation, oversees the program.Members of the NCFA’s Safety, Logging, and Transportation Committee (SLTC) and the North Carolina Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) State Implementation Committee (NC SIC) advise him.  Inrecentyears,theProLoggerprogramaddedacontinuing educationelement, which isarequiredelementforallcompaniesthatparticipateintheSFIcertification program. It isworthnotingthatinthemostrecentstudyofBestManagementPractices(BMPs)bytheNorth CarolinaForestService,ProLoggersacrossthestatescoredhigherthantheirnon-ProLoggercounterparts did. Clearly, the ProLogger training is helping our ProLoggers work safer and smarter in the woods.

GENERAL FEATURES:  The Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Alivemodule,hostedbyForestryMutual’sKeithBiggsandBryanWagner, addressessafetyonthelogdeckandtheimportanceofkeepingtheproperspacingbetweenequipment and workers on the ground by examining three safety episodes based on actual incidents.

  • The segment stresses that safety begins with a thought process that focuses on safety—working smarter and safer.
  • A recurring theme in all three segments is the need to maintain a two-treelength distance between ground workers and equipment on a logging deck.
  • Bright colorful clothing helps with keeping track of fellow crew members.
  • Communication among all crew members is key to safety.

APPLICATION:  This segment is designed to raise awareness about log deck safety and can be used in a group or one-on-one training session; the video narration makes it an effective “stand-alone” instruction piece, making a discussion leader unnecessary.  For more information about the video’s content or potential use, contact Jack Swanner with NCFA at 800-231-7723.

SPECIFICATIONS AND COST:  This 12-minute video (DVD format) is available from FRA for $40.00 for members and $80.00 for non-members, domestic shipping included.  To order, contact FRA at 301-838-9385, and reference stock number 12-A-6.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Jean-Paul Dame of Fire Horse Films produced the video for the North Carolina Forestry Association.

The following individuals and organizations made the production of Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Alive possible:  Alabama SFI SIC, Arkansas SFI SIC, Crawley Timber Company, John Culp of BlueRidge Forestry, Don Curtis, Acadia Insurance Company, Forestry Mutual Insurance Company, Fire Horse Films, Inc., Bobby Goodson, Goodson’s All Terrain Logging, Louisiana SFI SIC Powell Industries, National Trust for Historic Preservation, North Carolina Department of Labor, North Carolina Forest Service, North Carolina State University, North Carolina Tree Farm Program, North Carolina SFI SIC, North Carolina Association of Professional Loggers, Operation Lifesaver, Rudy Pelletier, Pelletier Logging, Inc., Timber Equipment Application Management (T.E.A.M.), and the National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation.                                

Vickie Hoffart 
FRA Lake States & Western Regions Manager