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INTRODUCTION: As a new employee with RockTenn, one of the first Safe Operating Procedures I used was notifying my Area Manager of my location when cruising timber by myself. What I soon realized was locating and sending my latitude and longitude coordinates was cumbersome. So I adopted a new technique for sending my location through Google Maps.
OPERATION: Here are four simple steps to sending your location in Google Maps on your smartphone.
  1. Step 1: Locate yourself on the Google Map (blue dot), tap and hold on the blue dot until pin drops.
  2. Step 2: Select the “Dropped Pin” tab which allows you to select “Share.” (Note: If you are very close to a street address, then Google Maps might list the address instead of displaying the words “Dropped Pin.” In that case, simply select the address instead of “Dropped Pin.”)
  3. Step 3: Now select “Message” or “Mail” for how you would like to send your location.
  4. Step 4: Send your location to your co-workers.
Why is providing good field location information so important?
  • Daily we cover hundreds of miles and thousands of acres of unfamiliar territory by ourselves.
  • Accurate location information is critical to our safety and livelihood when we are faced with an emergency.
  • The app provides good maps of locations, as well as navigation capabilities
  • It is possible to identify the closest hospital and trauma centers more easily.
APPLICATION: Tips when sending field location information:
  • It is a good idea always to send information to two co-workers, in case one co-worker becomes unreachable.
  • Make sure the co-worker responds that he has received your location information and can open it.
  • Always state how long you plan to be in the field.
  • Make sure always to send location information before entering the woods, and remember to let co-workers know when field work is complete.
Minutes matter when faced with an emergency in the field. Don’t make it difficult for someone to guess
where you might be—provide good information first, and go home later!
Roger Lynch
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Reviewed by:
Rick Meyer
Appalachia/Southwide Region Manager