BACKGROUND: A Lake States logger was working alone on the log landing of a timber harvesting operation. A logging truck had developed a mechanical problem, and he was attempting to survey the situation. It was late winter, and the weather conditions were fair.

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: The logger was sixty-six years old and had worked in the woods most of his life as a self-employed independent logging contractor. He had received little, if any, formal safety training.

UNSAFE ACT OR CONDITIONS: Without adequately securing the truck from moving, the logger identified the truck’s mechanical problem and attempted to fix it by crawling under the truck to make the necessary repairs.

ACCIDENT: The log truck began moving and rolled over the logger. Family members went to the logging site and found the truck at the lower end of the landing, with the logger lying motionless at the upper end of the landing.

INJURIES: The logger was killed instantly when the truck rolled over his head.

Always set the parking brakes and chock the wheels before attempting to make vehicle repairs.
Never work alone, to ensure the safety of both individuals. Working within visual or audible contact with another person is critical when emergency first aid is required.

  Minnesota Log Safe Program
  Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
  P.O. Box 392
  Hibbing, Minnesota 55719-0392

Paul M. Klocko
Lake States Technical Division Manager

Please follow equipment manufacturers’ recommendations for safe operation and maintenance procedures.