Woodyard:  unbinding racks/cages

INTRODUCTION:  Weyerhaeuser is currently utilizing pneumatic unbinding stations at all four mills in its "Ms/Lou" (Mississippi/Louisiana) region.   The stations significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries when removing load securements on treelength and double-bunk loads, while also reducing the risk of damaging antennas, mirrors, and exhaust stacks on the tractor.

Fig. 1:  Lighted, pneumatic unbinding station, showing protective
earms in vertical, unactivated position.

Fig. 2:  Driver pulls into unbinding station and activates protective arms.

OPERATION:  The driver pulls into the unbinding rack, dismounts the truck cab, and pulls a small air valve lever that activates the unbinding rack protective arms to secure the load.   Steel pipe pillars are anchored into the ground on the passenger side to make sure the truck is close to the protective arms, eliminating any gap between the load and the arms.   When the protective arms are activated, a blue flashing strobe light comes on at the top of the unbinding rack for auditing purposes.

Fig. 3:  Unbinding must be on the passenger side.

Fig. 4:  Pneumatically controlled arms protect the driver while unbinding.

The load securements must be accessible on the driver’s side-drivers are not allowed to be on the passenger side of the load.  Next, the driver releases the pneumatic protective arms, remounts the cab, and proceeds to the crane.  If the driver pulls in too closely to the unbinding rack, or forgets to release the protective arms, and the truck comes in contact with the unbinding rack arms, the arms pivot out of the way.  If the driver pulls up to the unbinding station and does not activate the pneumatic protective arms, the blue flashing light is not activated.
APPLICATION:  Weyerhaeuser staff periodically audits the use of the unbinding rack.  Failure to use the unbinding rack pneumatic protective arms results in a warning for first offense, and suspension from delivery for a second offense.  Since Ms/Lou region began installations in 1998 there have not been any accidents or injuries while unbinding.  This design provides more vertical and horizontal protection to the driver, eliminates damage to the tractor, and is easily maintained, compared to some of the other designs in the industry.

SPECIFICATIONS:  The unbinding rack was designed by Carter Construction Company, Inc., located at 223 Amstrong Road, Columbia MS 39429; office phone: 601-736-8626.  Contact Carter Construction for design and pricing information.

 Steven Fontenot
 Weyerhaeuser Co.
 Ms/Lou Region Woodflow/Transportation Manager
 P.O.Box 280
 Holden, Louisiana  70744-0280

Reviewed by: 
Rick Meyer 
Appalachian & Southwide Region Manager