Recently Funded Projects

National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation

  • Timber Harvesting Deck Safety video by Forestry Mutual Insurance to provide workers with knowledge of hazards and how to avoid them while working at or near the log deck.
  • Publication of a Transportation Regulations Booklet on trucking-related regulations for the forest products industry by the North Carolina Forestry Association.
  • Development of a video-training program by the Virginia Cooperative Extension to demonstrate “Game of Logging” techniques for skidder operators and chain saw operators to pre-plan and conduct efficient, economical and safe timber harvesting operations.
  • FRA’s Northeastern Safety and Training Committee produced a 17-minute Woods Road Safety video on the risks and skills needed for safe off-highway driving in the north.
  • The North Carolina Forestry Association produced a video-based training video to demonstrate safe methods of securing roundwood and heavy equipment to trailers during transport.
  • Translation of twenty FRA Safety Alerts into Spanish by Mississippi State now posted to