an outline for orienting new employees in the crucial first year
with support materials for free download from

developed by Bob Shaffer and the Forest Resource Association’s
Southwide Safety Committee with funding from
the National Timber Harvesting and
Transportation Safety Foundation

Nearly one half of all logging injuries occur to workers with less than one year on the job! This comprehensive, year-long safety training program is designed specifically for those workers!

This Safety Program:

  • follows a structured format designed to develop a strong and lasting commitment to safety in each new worker, and to avoid injury during that critical first year of logging employment.
  • is designed to be presented to the new employee by the logging business owner or crew foreman on a “one-to-one” basis throughout the first year of employment to demonstrate clearly the importance the employer places on safety.
  • complies with all applicable OSHA Logging Safety Regulations.
  • utilizes specified logging safety materials available at no cost through the web site This web site, developed by the National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation and maintained by FRA’s Southwide Safety Committee, includes Loss Control Overviews [LCO], Safety Alerts [SA], Technical Releases [TR], and sections from FRA’s Timber Harvesting Safety Manual [THSM]. Other materials, such as videotapes and brochures, are listed under Logging Safety Resources and can be obtained from FRA and other organizations at a nominal cost.

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