National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation

Our Mission

The National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization administered by the Forest Resources Association. Established in 1991, THATS has the following Mission: “to promote, support, and serve as a catalyst for safe and professional work attitudes, practices, and conditions in timber harvesting and transportation.” For more information, and a downloadable brochure, please click here.

Program Resources

THATS 6 Rules of Safety Initiative- website IMage

THATS 6 Rules for Logging Safety

Recognizing the need for increased safety awareness, the THATS Committee has developed a comprehensive safety kit to promote safe practices in the logging industry.


Logging Safety
Resource Guide

Click here to review descriptions of handbooks, videos, and pamphlets to educate yourself or train your crew on specific areas of timber harvesting safety, with ordering information.


Timber Harvesting
Safety Manual

An outline for orienting new logging employees in the crucial first year.


First-Year Safety

An outline for orienting new logging employees in the crucial first year.



FRA's guide to making the most of federal OSHA's on-line logging safety resources.


FRA Safety Alerts

FRA's one-page Safety Alerts analyze actual timber harvesting accidents and provide recommendations for correction, as training aids.


Logging Safety Links

Alphabetical listing of logging safety resources suppliers.


Safety Brochures

Concise summaries of basic forest operations and woodyard safety pointers, suitable as supplements to an orientation program and as convenient reminders.

SAfety Meeting

THATS Safety Meeting App

The National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation (THATS) Safety Meeting App can provide valuable training and documentation services to any size forestry company. THATS has worked with to offer five-person complimentary annual memberships.

Recent Accomplishments

In addition to the materials available for free download at section above, THATS has supported production of numerous safety videos, video-based workshops, and manuals. Some recent items  

Revised OSHA Logging Safety Training Video

CSA 2010 Video

Safe and Efficient Practices for Trucking Unmanufactured Forest Products

Log Loader Safety Video for Log Truck Operators

Message From Our Chairman

Occupations within the harvesting and transporting of Forest Products rank among the most dangerous in North America. This ranking remains high despite a tremendous amount of time, effort and monies invested in making the industry safer. It is very clear that more needs to be done. The Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation has made its mission to ensure that safety-related materials are available for use in developing safer work environments and work techniques.

Ten of thousands of dollars in grant money has been provided by THATS to individuals and organizations who have developed safety materials and programs for the Forestry Industry. In cooperation with the Forest Resources Association and their distribution abilities, these grant funded materials and programs have been used by state forestry associations, professional logger associations, privately and publicly owned forest products companies and other forestry organizations have educated their workers and implemented programs to improve safety.

The Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation will continue to engage with forest industry leaders to encourage the development of safety materials especially the creation of innovative training resources as the forest industry evolves.
The THATS Foundation envisions:


That forest workers will be properly trained and will utilize personal protective equipment.

All timber harvesting and transportation operations will utilize and enforce active safety programs.

Timber harvesting and transportation worker injury and fatality rates will continue to decrease, significantly.

Consuming mills will have programs that promote and encourage safety improvements.

State forestry schools will have active safety research and extension programs.

Participation in the development and dissemination of research and training materials by state forestry and professional logger associations will continue to increase.

Timber harvesting and transportation operations will be viewed as safe and valued employment.

Operating costs for timber harvesting and transportation operations will be reduced through safer operations as a result of fewer accidents and injuries.


The THATS Foundation needs your help! It is only through your continued support that the National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation will be able to continue to work for the benefit of a safer forest products industry!

Steve Barnett | BITCO Insurance Companies

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