Loggers and others concerned about safety on logging operations and in other forest operations should become familiar with resources available from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. OSHA’s web site, at, is rich in resources and is fairly easy to use. Of most interest to loggers and other in-woods professionals are the OSHA Standards and Directives, which are found under "Compliance" as you scroll down the page.

OSHA's Logging eTool, which outlines many of the required and recommended work practices that may reduce the hazards facing woods workers, is a great resource for businesses seeking to comply with OSHA's logging standard. This eTool reviews the requirements of the OSHA Logging Standard in relation to employee safety and health and refers to various state standards’ recommended safe work practices. The eTool also contains a button on developing a sample Safety and Health Plan that logging businesses may use as a model for developing their own written plans.