The Southwide Safety Committee of the Forest Resources Association has made its popular Safety Brochure series available for free download. The brochures provide concise summaries of basic forest operations and woodyard safety pointers, suitable as supplements to an orientation program and as convenient remembers.

Some brochures are available in both English and Spanish versions.


Sawhead Safety (93-A-4) English | Spanish
Log Deck Danger (93-A-15) English | Spanish
Hydraulic Knucklebbom Loader Safe Operation (94-A-6) English | Spanish
Feller Buncher Safe Operation (95-A-8) English | Spanish
Skidder Safety (95-A-10) English | Spanish
Pre-Trip Log Truck Inspection (97-A-9) English | Spanish
Reducing Machine Operator Fatigue (99-A-1) English | Spanish
Woodyard Safe Unloading (07-A-3) English | Spanish
Safely Loading and Unloading Logging Equipment (09-A-4) English
Portable Chipper Safety for Woods Equipment Operators (11-A-2) English
Portable Grinder Safety for Woods Equipment Operators (11-A-3) English

Adobe Acrobat Reader required.