Grants Awarded

The National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation has funded the following projects in the past three years.

YearGranteeProjectGrant Amount
2016North Carolina Forestry AssociationVideoN/A
2012North Carolina Forestry AssociationVideo “Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Alive.”$7,500.00
2011Minnesota Logger EducationVideo “Woodyard Safety.”$8,000.00
2010OSHA Logging Safety Video UpdateCSA-2010 Video$2,500.00
2010Forest Resources AssociationUpdate OSHA Safety Video$3,500.00
2009North Carolina Forestry AssociationWood Chipper Video$10,000.00
2009Virginia TechSafe & Efficient Practices for Trucking Forest Products$5,000.00
2009North Caroline Forestry AssociationStorm Damage Clean-up Video$15,000.00
2009NC Association of Professional LoggersPublic Safety Around Large Trucks$10,000.00
2009Virginia TechAnalysis of Timber Harvesting Injuries, SE US 1996-2006$10,000.00
2009North Carolina Forestry AssociationNational Forest Products Transportation Website$5,000.00
2008Missouri Forest Products AssociationProfessional Timber Harvester Recognition Program$5,000.00
2008North Carolina Forestry AssociationTranslate Safety Brochures & Loss Control to Spanish$3,500.00
2008Virginia TechSkidder Safety Video$10,000.00
2008Forest Ind Safety & Trng AllianceTruck-Mounted Loader Video$5,000.00
2008North Carolina Forestry AssociationVideo – Safe Use of Wood Chipper$15,000.00