Board of Directors

The Forest Resources Association serves as Secretariat for the

National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation.

Foundation Board of Directors

Mike Farris (Chair), BXS Insurance
Carrie Bovender (Vice Chair), Grand Forest Inc

Chris Becklean, International Paper
Howard R. DeLano, Jr., Expera Specialty Solutions
Kent Hall, Stihl Incorporated
Tom Hancock, Resource Management Service
Randy Hervey, BITCO Insurance Companies
John J. Lemire, Forestry Mutual Insurance Company
Dale Lemmons, Interstate Wood Products
Carl Lockhart, John Deere
Wesley Miller, A.M. Logging, LLC
Richard W. Schwab, M.A. Rigoni Inc.
Tom Skaggs, Outdoor Underwriters, Inc.
Jim Stemple, Drax Biomass, Inc.
Joel Swanton, Forest2Market
Jeff Widmer, 3LOG Systems Inc
Joe Young, Low Country Forest Products Inc.
Jacob Minor, Forest Resources Association