Timber Harvesting Safety Manual

The Forest Resources Association's Southwide Safety Committee developed the information contained in this manual solely as a guide to safety and as general information on accident prevention in timber harvesting with ground-based logging systems. Cable yarding and helicopter logging systems have many different safety issues which are beyond the scope of this publication. The recommendations contained in this manual should not be construed or used as a substitute for compliance with applicable federal and state laws. It is advised that the appropriate federal or state OSHA office be contacted for complete details concerning the OSHA requirements for logging operations.



The Revised Logger's Guide To The New OSHA Logging Safety Standards (FRA 95-A-14) is available from the Forest Resources Association, 600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 350, Rockville, MD 20852-1155, 301/838-9385, www.forestresources.org, or see Logging Resources. The Logger's Guide provides explanations to the New Logging Safety Standards effective February 9, 1995 and as revised September 8, 1995.


This manual has been developed in accordance with the OSHA requirements for Logging Operations, effective February-9, 1995, and as revised September 8, 1995. However, some manual recommendations may actually exceed OSHA regulations.